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Q: What is in Godiva pills?

A: Pueraria mirifica, phosphatlyserine, maca.

Q: What is Pueraria mirifica?

A: Pueraria mirifica, also known as Kwao Krua (but not exclusively), is a plant found in northern and north eastern Thailand and Myanmar.

In Thailand, the plant known as “Kwao Krua” is considered to be a rejuvenating adaptogenic herb and has a history of use in folk medicine. Although the name “Kwao Krua” had been applied to several species of plants having tuberous roots, it was definitively identified as Pueraria mirifica in 1952. An unusual estrogenic phenol, miroestrol, was isolated eight years later from this plant.

Q: What is Phosphatylserine?

A: Phosphatidylserine (abbreviated Ptd-L-Ser or PS) is a phospholipid component made from soy beans, usually kept on the inner-leaflet (the cytosolic side) of cell membranes by an enzyme called flippase. When a cell undergoes apoptotic cell death phosphatidylserine is no longer restricted to the cytosolic part of the membrane, but becomes exposed on the surface of the cell.

Q: What is the Godiva vibrational remedy?

A: The Godiva vibrational remedy is made from water and the vibrations of plants, prayers, love and the intention to promote, peace, balance, harmony and wellbeing.

Q: What is Godiva better or different than other herbal breast pills?

A: Godiva is made with unique ingredients in a novel, synergistic combination designed to reactivate your endocrine system and breast enhancement. Godiva does not use large combinations of herbs that can cause side effects and that should not be combined together.

Q: Where are Godiva Breast Enlargement Pills made?

A: Godiva breast pills are made in an FDA approved manufacturing facility in New York State, with an OTC license.  The lab and our product are fully insured and made to the same high standard as US pharmaceuticals. Godiva is made according to DSHEA guidelines and follow all applicable US laws.

Q: Is Godiva safe?

A: Godiva is a safe, natural product, the ingredients are considered safe by the FDA. Use only as directed, not intended for use by pregnant or lactating women.

Q: Will Godiva affect my birth control pills, breast feeding or ability to get pregnant?

A: Godiva does not affect any of the above adversely.

Q: Will Godiva affect my menstrual periods?

A: Godiva has no bearing on menstruation.

Q: Will Godiva make my skin break out?

A: No one has ever reported any side effect from using the ingredients in Godiva and the ingredients are not known to have side effects of any kind.

Q: Does Godiva work for everyone?

A: Godiva is made by women for the healing and benefit of other women. It is unlikely that any product will work for everyone but the ingredients in Godiva have been shown to increase breast size.

Even drugs do not work for everyone, surgery has risks of rejection, poor appearance, hardening or infection and therefore will not work for everyone.

Godiva is Guaranteed. In the event that you do not get enhancement results, we offer a no questions asked, 60 day guarantee. All you need to do is present your receipt of purchase by email, mail or fax and with a request for a refund.

Q: How is Godiva shipped?

A: Godiva is shipped via UPS ground, in a plain brown box, with no description on the outer packaging alluding to the contents.

Q: How do the Godiva™ Breast Enhancement Pills work to achieve these amazing results?

A: Made from the natural extract of Pueraria mirifica from Thailand, in combination with endocrine stimulation and regeneration; Godiva is specifically designed to work synergistically using Maca and Phosphatylserine to reestablish brain communication between the endocrine system.

Godiva breast enhancement is recommended for women over 15 years of age who would like to have shapelier, more youthful looking breasts with an increased bust line.
P.mirifica is reputed to possess a range of remarkable properties. The Medicinal Plant Research Institute, Ministry of Public Health, in Thailand conducted a study to examine the breast enlargement efficacy of Pueraria mirifica. The results showed significant change in breast enlargement (82.35%) and breast firmness (88.23%).
Customers with emotional issues surrounding their breasts are recommended to chose the remedies they feel would best suit their particular situation.

Q: What about my privacy?

A: We do not and will not ever sell or market your name or other data to any company, for any reason.

* Godiva Natural Breast Enhancement pill is not affiliated in any way with Godiva Chocolatier.