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“Dear Godiva,

I have a part time modeling job as a bikini and underwear model. Being naturally thin I am always vigilant to not lose any weight because my breasts always shrink.

I wanted a little extra boost in my breasts to help with my modeling career and without getting surgery, which I felt was really unnecessary for me because I already had nice breasts and there was no way I would risk getting surgery. I decided I would try your product because it looked like it had a reasonable chance of working and was offered for an affordable price.

I am happy to report your product really worked, as you can see from my photos! I don’t mind admitting I used your product because my body is always under scrutiny and I don’t want people thinking I had breast augmentation surgery. I do not know if the results are permanent but so far so good, if they do wear off I can easily afford to take them again. I feel happy with the results I got using Godiva and feel good about recommending them to anyone who doesn’t want to have surgery.

I will report back in a year and let you know if my breasts are still intact or if I need to order more pills; I hope I don’t lose any weight between now and then.”

Yours truly,

~ Sheila M.

Dear Godiva,

I am 25 years old, 5’4″ and weight 120 pounds, I have never had children. I used your product for five and half months and I am ecstatic with the results!!! I started seeing results after 30 days. At first I was impatient and thought they might not work but I stuck to taking the pills every day as directed. I did feel my breasts getting a little tender after about two weeks. I am happy to let you know I grew from a 34b to a 36C! 100% me and no surgery, woo hoo.
I wanted bigger breasts so badly for so long and now my dreams have come true. I know I’ll never have to go through the torture of feeling embarrassed wearing a bikini or tight outfit again, I am so relieved! I thought about getting surgery for years but my boyfriend didn’t want me to; I am so glad I didn’t get breast implants.

Good bye stuffed bras! I threw them all away and now my drawers are not over flowing with padding.

~ Rebecca H.

My name is Traci C. (remove my full name please) I am a married 35 year old woman, we have one child and I am a very pleased Godiva customer. I am singing praises for your Godiva breast enlargement product; it worked so well for me, is low in cost, and boosted my sex drive so my husband is happy with my bigger breasts and more attention.

Attached are my photos which you are free to use. I did not think I would be sending them in to you; I only had them taken so I would have visual documentation for myself.  I know it is sometimes hard to see yourself because we see ourselves every single day and this way I could be sure I was really growing or not and not deluding myself.

I have tried other products that were cheap junk, made from low quality herbs thrown together by some marketing company with no customer service, so I was not 100% convinced your pill would be any different. The other breast pills I used messed up my periods and I did not grow at all. After reading your website it seemed to have more medical information and different ingredients than the standard dong quai. I guess I was going to keep trying breast pills until I found one that worked because I would never get breast implants.

For all the women out there who feel they need to grow their breasts, do not hesitate to try Godiva breast enhancement pills, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


~ Traci C.